Building codes, specifications and standards

Code Acceptance

This wood meets requirements of model building codes for many applications, and code evaluation reports on this wood (treated with either dissolved copper azole, CA-C, or dispersed copper azole, μCu have been issued by National Evaluation Service (ESR-1721). The CA-C treatment is listed also in the standards of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) for above-ground and ground-contact applications (Use Categories UC1, UC2, UC3A, UC3B, UC4A, and UC4B). Internationally, it is approved by government and trade agencies throughout Europe and in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Model Specifications

To download a model specification for Genuine Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor wood as a modifiable MS Word (2002) document, click here.

Retention Standards

Different applications may require different amounts of preservative protection. Below are requirements for copper azole formulations.

Typical Applications Use Category* CA-C μCA-C
Above Ground 1, 2, 3A, 3B .06 .05
Ground / Fresh Water Contact 4A .15 .14
Sawn Poles & Posts 4B .31** .23

* Presently applies only to CA-C treated wood.
** ICC-ES accepts 0.25 pcf.

AWPA Use Category System

To see a table summarizing applications and corresponding retention levels for Genuine Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor wood, click here. For simplified descriptions of service conditions for AWPA Use Categories, click here.