Genuine Dricon® FRT Wood – Corrosion


Corrosion is the tendency of a material to oxidize by chemical reaction. This process occurs more rapidly at higher moisture and temperature levels. Accelerated tests following procedures of military specification MIL-L-19140 have demonstrated Dricon® FRT wood to be no more corrosive to various metals than untreated wood. Dricon samples were tested in contact with aluminum, carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, copper, and red brass. Other tests have demonstrated that Dricon treatment may actually help reduce corrosion of the protective zinc layer on galvanized steel truss plates. If the exposure is such that moisture might condense between wood and the metal hardware, siding, or roofing, corrosion can be expected with either treated or untreated wood. Even with untreated wood, this type of environment requires back priming with a corrosion inhibitive paint on the surface of the metal in contact with the wood or use of a moisture barrier. The same precautions should be taken when using Dricon FRT wood.

Conventional fire retardants can cause corrosion of truss plates and metal hardware.
Dricon FRT wood, exposed in identical conditions, is no more corrosive than untreated wood.