Genuine Dricon® FRT Wood – Appearance & Odor

Dricon® FRT wood, when specified, can be special-ordered with the good face free of sticker marks providing the thickness of the plywood is not more than 5/8″. Slight irregular water marks may at times show on such material.

Also, Dricon FRT lumber will not stain plaster, wallboard, or other covering material. Dricon FRT wood is supplied at a moisture content of 19% or less, (15% or less for plywood). When used as recommended, the excellent hygroscopic properties of Dricon FRT wood will prevent any staining problems.

Where high-appearance natural wood surfaces are desirable, as in large assembly areas such as courtrooms, most codes will allow 1/28″ untreated veneer over Dricon FRT wood without declassifying the finished product.


The odor is no different from that of untreated wood.