Product FAQs

1. What is the hourly fire resistance rating for Dricon® FRT wood?
Though fire resistance ratings are generally obtained from testing specific assemblies rather than one particular component, there are ways to calculate assembly resistance from individual products. For more information click here (PDF). For more fire information click here.

2. Is Dricon® FRT wood typically used in homes or in commercial applications?
Dricon® FRT wood is frequently used is multi-family dwellings, schools, hospitals, office buildings, theaters, shopping centers, and wherever building codes require an extra measure of protection for occupants. In some areas, the use of FRT wood in residential construction is now required by ICC’s International Urban-Wildland Interface Code.

3. Where is Dricon® FRT wood typically used in homes?
Dricon® FRT wood can be used for all framing members or just for critical components such as stairways, chimney wraps and door and window casings.

4. What codes and standards recognize Dricon® FRT wood?
Dricon® fire retardant or Dricon® FRT wood complies with or has been granted the following:

  • AWPA T1 Section 8.8
  • AWPA P17 (FR-1), P5 (SBX)
  • AWPA U1 (UC1, UC2, UCFA) and former C9, C20, C27, C31
  • Flamespread and smoke development rating of 25 or less
  • Class A FRT wood
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-1626
  • NFPA 703, 101 Life Safety Code
  • EPA registration (62190-9)
  • UL Building Materials Directory
  • UL Recognized Component
  • NYC MEA 199-81-M
  • NYC MEA 200-81-M
  • Factory Mutual Class I Roof Deck
  • City of Los Angeles (RR 25122)
  • FHA Minimum Property Standard #2600
  • HUD Materials Release (1261)
  • ASTM D 5516 & D 5564
  • MIL-L-19140 QPL
  • National Building Code of Canada
  • Truss warranty program with Structural Building Components Association (formerly Wood Truss Council of America)

(All are subject to revision, re-examination)

5. How does Dricon® FRT wood work? Is there a demonstration video available for viewing?
Dricon® FRT wood works automatically when exposed to fire. For additional details, and to see a demonstration click here.

6. What are the three warranties backing Dricon® FRT wood?
To view and download the warranties covering roof system, preservative and truss manufacturers click here.

7. What are the flamespread and smoke developed ratings for Dricon® FRT wood?
Dricon® FRT wood qualifies as a Class A/Class 1 fire retardant with flamespread and smoke developed ratings of 25 or less. For more information click here.

8. What are other relevant properties of the product?
Dricon® FRT wood has several exceptional characteristics.

9. Does Dricon® FRT wood offer protection against termites and decay too?
Yes, Dricon® FRT wood offers EPA-registered protection against termites and decay. Click here for more on preservative properties.

10. What do I need to know about finishing and gluing Dricon® FRT wood?
Stains, sealers, varnishes, and paints can be used with Dricon® FRT wood. Click here for more information.

11. Are AIA credits available for learning more about Dricon® and other brands of preserved wood?
Earn Learning Units, good toward AIA Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), in two ways:

  1. on an individual basis online, or
  2. through group courses conducted by certified representatives of Arch Wood Protection.

Courses exist on both fire retardant and preservative treated wood, and these qualify for 1 Learning Unit each in the Health, Safety, Welfare area.

For the online courses, see Scroll down to Division 6, Wood and Plastics.  Select the course you want. On-screen instructions will explain how to set up an account and take the course.  (There is no charge for this.)

For groups, contact Arch Wood Protection at

12. What is the Danback backing system for steel studs, which is made with Dricon® FRT wood?
It’s a wood backing system for steel studs that reduces installation time by 90%. In the past, backing steel studs for the attachment of cabinets, fixtures and handrails has always been difficult, costly and time consuming. The patented Danback™ flexible wood backing plate actually flexes around the stud and snaps in place for a snug, perfect fit. No cutting, routing or notching is required.