Product applications

Dricon® FRT wood is ideal for use:

  • Where other materials would permit a fire to spread without restriction from an ignition source.
  • In areas of construction where there is inadequate water supply or fire protection.
  • In indoor construction staging, scaffolds, workmen’s shanties, etc. during construction or repairs of expensive equipment or multi-story buildings.
  • In areas where sprinkler systems cannot be readily installed, such as framing under raised platforms or theater stages, floor framing, walls, stud areas enclosed under roofs, and framing for all types of remodeling work.
  • In health care facilities where a versatile and economical construction system is desirable, but life safety cannot be compromised.
  • In homes located in areas prone to wildfires or anywhere fire safety is a concern.

Some specific uses of Dricon® FRT wood include:

  • Studs, wall plates and fire stops with metal lath and plaster or dry wall construction for interior non-bearing walls and partitions where noncombustible construction is required (See codes for specific details).
  • Roof systems including the deck, purlins, joists, metal-plate-connected wood trusses.
  • Air return plenum in HVAC systems.
  • Studs, joists and sheathing in sensitive areas housing computer and electronic systems.
  • Shelving bins, tote boxes, work benches, pallets.
  • Wood members in recreation areas such as camps or lodges, which may be at a high fire risk because they are not inhabited during certain seasons or are in areas of inadequate fire protection services.
  • Architectural applications, such as interior siding and millwork.
  • Sheathing that must meet missile-impact requirements in hurricane-prone areas.
  • For exterior uses and applications exposed to water, use FRX® exterior FRT wood.

Limitations: Dricon® FRT wood can only be used in above-ground locations, protected from precipitation, regular condensation, or other wetting. Exposure of Dricon® treated wood to these conditions will, over a period of time, reduce its fire retardance and preservative effectiveness. Dricon® used as sill plate, or in contact with concrete that contacts the ground, is an approved application and does not void the warranties.