Green Building

At Northeast Treaters, we strive to offer products that are beneficial to the environment and sustainable for the long term.

“After all, wood is the ultimate sustainable material. Properly harvested, trees grow, get cut down, and are replaced with more trees. Across its life cycle, no building product has lower energy consumption rates. Wood essentially acts as storage for carbon dioxide (even after its made into a construction material), and when recycled as fuel it creates more energy then was used in its production. Plain people tend to like it.”

Sam Grawe, Editor Dwell Magazine, April 2008

Preserved wood extends forest resources by protecting wood from mold and insects or resistance to fire.  Additionally, Northeast Treaters continuously enhances our product offerings to bring you preservatives with less and less adverse impacts to the environment by reducing preservative concentrations and new organic molecules that are not persistent in the environment, don’t bio accumulate and are worlds of magnitude less toxic than traditional wood preservatives.